Activate the best Health Insurance Companion and eliminate your out-of-pocket Medical Expenses.

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Activating you new Member Benefits is easy, only takes minutes, and your membership is entirely free.   Simply complete the Activation Form and your personalized Member ID Card will be emailed to you for immediate use.

Your Sociallity Membership is the perfect companion to your Health Insurance and will help you drastically reduce the cost of Healthcare products and services that are not covered by your Health Insurance, including your prescription medicine, dentist visits, imaging work, laboratory testing, doctor and specialist visits, even eye care, chiropractic care, and hearing aids.

You may also entirely eliminate your yearly out-of-pocket medical expenses by simply earning Healthcare Coins that can be used to pay for out-of-pocket expenses like co-pays, deductibles, entire doctor bills, even your Health Insurance premium.

Activation Instructions.

Please supply us with the information request by the Activation Form.   The information you provide is being used only to generate your personalized Member ID Card and is not sold to 3rd parties for marketing purposes.   You will only receive communications of us regarding the benefits of your Member ID Card and will never be solicited by a 3rd party as a result of providing your information us Sociallity.

Your First and Last Name will appear on your Member ID Card as your Member Identity.  Your Phone Number is your active Member Numbers, and your email address is where we send your Member ID Card.

You supply us with your Home State and Date Of Birth, so we can make sure that appropriate benefits are made available to you.